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Periodontics in Bridgewater

Periodontal treatments are used to protect the gums from infection, repair damage, and treat gum disease. Learn more about how we help keep your gums healthy.

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Frenectomy is the removal of connective tissue inside the mouth that is too tight and causing discomfort. This procedure is frequently performed on young children.

Flap Procedures

Periodontal surgery sometimes requires access to tissues beneath the gums. When necessary we make an incision in the gums and pull back a flap of tissue to expose the area to be treated. After the procedure we close the flap with sutures.

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep scaling and root planing are treatments that reduce tartar buildup and imperfections in the roots of your teeth that can irritate your gums. When your gums become irritated they can be vulnerable to infection so by removing the source of irritation we protect your gums from gum disease.

Extractions and Socket Preservation

Extractions are necessary when a tooth is badly damaged or has become infected and presents a risk to adjacent teeth and your gums. We extract the tooth under local anesthetic and preserve the remaining socket to prevent deterioration of your jawbones. When we extract a tooth we’ll discuss replacement solutions with you to restore your smile.

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